Gangland Mafia - RULES

I. Cheaters are not welcome. At no time during the time you are playin should you ever get the idea that you can cheat and win. If we find out that you have been cheating, you will be removed from the game. This is a major rule in our game.

II. You are allowed to play only one game under your player name, this means that you may not start additional accounts and think you will be able to win. If you are running out of turns, buy turns. If we find out you are signing up under different names, we will remove you from the game entirely. If you are trying to send fake referrals, you will be removed from the game.

III. You are responsible for anything you do using your IP address, so remember that if you are using your computer and someone decides to play for you. If you break the rules, we dont know it was someone else, so you can be removed permanently if anything happens that jeopardizes your account.

IV. Dont abuse the RULES. They are set up to allow you to play the game. If you do abuse them and you are banned, from either that particular round or our site, dont complain. We gave you fair warning. V. Leaking is not encouraged in our game. We do not want you to tell others or use our message boards to reveal statuses to give someone else an advantage in winning. You may not in any way message or tell anyone that your defensive units or operatives are happy/unhappy. Do not agree to exchange this information to others. Also do NOT offer to give away free money or anything else to other players as we will REMOVE you for that kind of activity during the game.

VI. Use our message boards for game purposes only. USE IT WISELY! Do not swear on the boards. Do not post about other games or sites on our boards. The boards are for In Game Purposes ONLY.

VII. Credit cards and e-checks are available for you to purchase turns. I don't think there is a need to tell you that fraudulent use of them is illegal. If you should decide to use them fraudulently, you will prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And you will automatically be removed from the game permanently. If you are found to have behaved fraudulently, you will be required to give back any winnings you have had in the game. In addition, you are required to pay any banking or paypal fees related to the fraud transaction. Any accounts found to be using chargebacks against us will be treated as Fraud. If you at any time chargeback to us you will be banned from the game.

VIII. You are allowed to quit playing any game that you sign up for as long as you are just a member of a crew, but if you are the founder of the crew, disband it first. Allow those other crew members to find another crew to play with. Just remember if you have purchased turns, we cannot give you credit back for them. You are not allowed to quit and then come back under another account. That will be treated as a multiple account. IX. You may only set up attacks within your crew, doing so outside of them will not be allowed. So DONT do it! X. We will set up more rules as we go along. So if you want to be up-to-date, by all means, check the rules frequently.

XI. Swearing. Do not ever ever swear at a staff member. Do not swear on public boards. Do not repeatedly swear at other players. When you are playing our game, we would like you to try and think of other words to use -- we've all known the same 10 dirty words since we were children, and now is your perfect chance to find other expressions.

XII. You must be over 18 in order to play. In order to win a cash prize you are requested to show proof of your age. If you are not willing to do this, we will award you the prize in credits. Showing proof of age is not mandatory, but in order to get a cash prize from us you will need to do this.

XIII. In order to win a cash prize from us, you must have at least have purchased $25 worth of your own credits. This is part of your qualification for the cash prizes offered to supporters. If your best friend wants to buy you credits, have them just send you the cash so you can buy them yourself. That is the best method. If you win top prize but have not bought atleast $25 worth of your own credits, we will award you the prize in credits instead of cash.

credit deals within the game are for reserve turns only, these are there to enhance your gameplay only. Reserve credit deals DO NOT count towards suporter staus and DO NOT increase jackpot. In order to be eligible for the cash jackpot additional supporter credits must be purchased (see rule XIII above).

XIV. Winning Top Prize - You can win the top prize as many times as you can in a row.

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